Individual Disability Income

While Social Security disability payments can provide a disabled employee with a percentage of income, these benefits also come with strict guidelines. A disabled employee can wait up to a year to start receiving financial assistance. And Social Security denies a high percentage of workers applying for benefits.


Did you know that income provided by a disability insurance policy is tax-free?


Providing your employees with this added protection – which can provide up to 100% or pre-disability earnings - can help them relax in the knowledge that their bills will be paid and they’ll have a roof over their heads in the event of potentially catastrophic health problems. Statland & Katz associates can advise you on a policy for your employees. And your employees will thank you with higher levels of performance and loyalty.



A Statland & Katz success story: Our personal life experiences with family member disabilities make us a very strong advocate for buying disability income insurance. Without disability income insurance, Sam’s dad, (Julie’s grandfather), lost his business and home, and suffered financial ruin because of a stroke. With disability insurance, Hersh Katz,, after several heart attacks, protected him, his family and Statland & Katz from financial ruin.


“…the amount of insurance people purchase reflects much less the results of their shopping around than the extent to which they trust their agent.”  Outposts, the WashingtonPost

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