Commercial Auto Insurance

Your commercial fleet deserves the same kind of protection as your personal vehicles. Without the proper coverage, even one breakdown or driver error could bring your enterprise to a halt.


Statland & Katz agents can explain all the differences and options, and will tailor your business vehicle coverage according to your auto use (including the number of vehicles, the types of drivers, and whether or not employees use their own vehicles for your business.).

Whether your business has a fleet of sales vehicles or just one dedicated auto, Statland & Katz can provide the coverage that’s right for you.


A Statland & Katz success story:
Statland & Katz insured a fleet of vehicles for the largest forklift repair dealer on the East Coast. The agency developed a vehicle safety program which helped the company save thousands of dollars.

Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“…the amount of insurance people purchase reflects much less the results of their shopping around than the extent to which they trust their agent.”  Outposts, the WashingtonPost

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