Employment Practices Liability

Employment practices liability insurance, or "EPLI," is liability insurance that covers certain employment related claims made by employees. If a manager harasses or discriminates against an employee (or is alleged to have done so), EPLI will provide a defense and possibly claim payment on behalf of the business. Statland & Katz offers you and your business years of experience with a range of businesses and employment practices claims.


Our many years of experience, writing EPLI Coverage has shown us that small, fast- growing companies lacking a human resources department are more likely to be sued than a large, established company.  That said, both need Employment Practices Liability Insurance.


A Statland & Katz fact: In1980, the agency created the nation’s first liability policy specially designed for sports official. 

Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“I have been a Statland & Katz client for more than ten years and have always found Julie and her team to be service-oriented and responsive to my needs.  They have helped me select appropriate coverage limits, reduce my costs and understand a host of auto insurance issues.  As someone who spends every day focusing on my customers and developing their loyalty, I know I can count on Julie and her team will guide me through a smooth process.“
Robert L. Johnson, Chief Service Officer Sprint-Nextel

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