Disability Insurance

"Individuals need to purchase disability income insurance to protect the life style they have created for themselves and their families."


"I say this from a hard-learned personal experience," says Sam Statland.  "When I was eight, my father had a stroke which left his left side paralyzed. Dad was a great guy, a self-made man who owned two men’s clothing stores, the income from which afforded us very comfortable life.  Unfortunately, he did not purchase individual disability income (replacement) insurance before he became sick. He never worked another day, and his loss of income financially devastated our family."

There are many different types of disability policies available from a wide range of companies. Call Statland and Katz at 301-587-6050 for a quotation today based upon your specific occupation and income requirements.

Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“…the amount of insurance people purchase reflects much less the results of their shopping around than the extent to which they trust their agent.”  Outposts, the WashingtonPost

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