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Also ... Try Our Impaired Risk Life and Health Division. Life Insurance up to Age 90. Diabetes and Liver Enzymes often rated standard. Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure. Health Insurance Available for every single case. For Information, Phone (301) 587-6050.

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Joseph W. McMartin Insurance Company

“I have repeatedly chosen Statland and Katz over other nationally recognized insurance companies for its ability to offer customized insurance products that meet our community’s needs. I’m proud – and very happy – that our association obtained earthquake coverage from Statland & Katz, at a nominal price. We did not need to call Statland & Katz for a claim  when our area was shaken by an earthquake in July of 2010– but our community felt better knowing we could have done so if needed.” - Terry M. Green President, Board of Directors, King Farm IV, II Rockville, Maryland

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